Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company

Provider of modern fire fighting systems

Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company

Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems Provider

Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company

Provides a variety of fire extinguishing systems

Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company

Provides exhaust ventilation and smoke control systems


Services of IGTP-co

The services of Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company include consulting, designing, executing, supplying, obtaining certificate from the fire department and maintaining the fire and safety systems in accordance with up-to-date standards.


Consultation with employers

  • One of the challenges in projects is to disregard safety principles in fire alarm systems and smoke management and control from the beginning of project design. In other words, the conflict between the safety...
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Supply genuine goods

  • The marketing team is able to supply authentic items and goods in the shortest possible time according to the brands and goods approved by the Fire Department, up-to-date standards and...
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Engineering design

  • IGTP co using up-to-date experts, rules and standards provides basic and complementary engineering design services for safety systems, fire alarms and smoke emission management and...
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Obtain safety certification from the fire department

  • In this service, IGTP co, in collaboration with the client, performs the filing process, obtaining permits for fire alarm, fire extinguishing and exhaust plans; and by preparing the necessary documentation...
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  • In order to provide a complete package of company security services, our experienced executives are able to provide installation services to our clients and guarantee all of the company's services. Because executing projects in the...
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Maintenance of systems

Comfort and reduce costs

  • Since the primary purpose of alarm, extinguishing and exhaustion systems is to respond quickly to sensitive situations, they need to be repaired, maintained, and inspected in addition to proper...
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Why IGTP-co?

Our main goal at Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company is to improve the quality of workplace safety, hygiene standards, and meet industry standards. We know our strengths and are always trying to treat our weaknesses. Learn about some of our strengths:

We have enough experience in our work
We are committed and honest
Our First Priority = Customer Satisfaction

Our products

Offering various products and equipment including fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment, smoke management system, positive pressure system, fire extinguishers, gas fuses, earthquake sensitive valves, signs and markers, various types of clothing and individual safety equipment and insulation floors.

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