Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company


Services of Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company (IGTP co)

Imen Gostar Tehran Pouya Company (IGTP co) is committed to providing the best quality to its customers by providing comprehensive services. These services, which including expert and practical consulting, engineering design, supply of high quality items, the conduct of the requested design, and obtain certification from Fire department , help customers achieve the most productivity. Finally, Imen Gostare Tehran Pouya guarantees the quality of its product.


  • Consultation with employers

    One of the challenges in projects is to disregard safety principles in fire alarm systems and smoke management and control from the beginning of project design. In other words, the conflict between the safety unit and the architecture of the structures actually results in slow execution and numerous defects. To this end, The IGTP co relying on up-to-date knowledge and experts, provides consulting services to employers in many parts of the country and strives to facilitate their operations and minimize their difficulties.


  • Obtain safety certification from the fire department

    In this service, IGTP co, in collaboration with the client, performs the filing process, obtaining permits for fire alarm, fire extinguishing and exhaust plans; and by preparing the necessary documentation, takes the time for firefighting experts visit and confirmation, until final approval is obtained.


  • Engineering design

    IGTP co using up-to-date experts, rules and standards provides basic and complementary engineering design services for safety systems, fire alarms and smoke emission management and control. The overall engineering design process includes initial inspection, design of smoke management systems based on current standards (ASHRAE, NFPA, BS) and prediction of fire scenarios, identification of pipelines and channels, and presentation of calculations notebook. For the sake of the employers' convenience and according to the project conditions, the presentation of CFD results using the latest software is also available in the design section.


  • Installation

    In order to provide a complete package of company security services, our experienced executives are able to provide installation services to our clients and guarantee all of the company's services. Because executing projects in the shortest time with high precision of operation will have a huge impact on reducing project costs.


  • Supply genuine goods

    The marketing team is able to supply authentic items and goods in the shortest possible time according to the brands and goods approved by the Fire Department, up-to-date standards and according to project conditions. After sale services and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Maintenance of systems

  • Comfort and reduce costs

    Since the primary purpose of alarm, extinguishing and exhaustion systems is to respond quickly to sensitive situations, they need to be repaired, maintained, and inspected in addition to proper implementation. To do this, the company's maintenance team reviews the safety equipment for operational readiness and then reviews faulty parts in a timely manner. This will comfort the employer and reduce his/her costs.